Use flow friendly imaging elements to connect your brand to top songs. The perfect addition to jingle updates, being on top of the music cycle.

Get 6 PURE Intros every 4 weeks, dropped in your mailbox, ready to air! Annual subscription available for € 150 per Intro (so € 900 per batch).

How it works

Every month, based on votes, we choose 6 Current Hits. Intros are branded with your instrumental logo and also your station voiceover(s). Power your playlist with PURE Intros to stay on top of the music cycle.

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Power intros are memorable

Power intros are excellent tools to claim your ‘A’ category songs as a part of your station’s brand. Distinctive branded intros that have been repeated often enough will stick in people’s minds. Chances are they will associate that great-testing song with you.

This strategic branding value can also translate into ratings: Hearing the normal version of that song, even on another station, listeners who know your power intro will often hum YOUR station name along the melody of your branded version. It’s one of those miracles of audio branding! Sung melodies are memorable, research shows.

When you’re aiming to energise your playlist while connecting your brand to top songs, consider the use of power intros! Sky Radio in the Netherlands has received another couple of batches of these branded hit songs.

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