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From basic resing to full custom, compare 3 options to create your package, and use it as long as you like (we never charge renewal fees).

Even resings are customized for you with a sonic logo of your choice, so every syllable of your brand name perfectly fits on your favorite jingles!

Choose your format from our Starter series, compile your package from our JingleBox menu, or write your brief for an Individual production.

3 options

Explained in 2 minutes

Each option has its own benefits

Benefits Starter Jinglebox Individual
Unlimited time license, no renewal fee
Local broadcast license
Custom sonic logo
Custom station name
Larger broadcast license
Custom station slogan
Custom jingle selection
Custom vocal sound
Custom jingle composition

Why jingles work

Keeping your brand top of mind and being your P1's base station matters in every radio market. Jingles identify your station and position your brand. They stick in people's minds, and they touch their hearts.

Jingles build your program structure, and increase your flow and time spent listening, which helps you boost your ratings, too! A sexy sound makes your brand attractive for your audience and your advertisers.

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