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Inspire our team to (re)invent your sound with an exclusive production and surprising innovation, giving your brand a true leading edge.

Your Individual package will be custom composed and lovingly produced.


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Bart Arens / Rhythmic AC

Meet Bart Arens from NPO Radio 2! In this feature, he subtly unravels the distinct charm of his show, sharing his genuine passion for radio and the intricacies of imaging.


Brand manager Gaƫl Sanquer, believer in the power of passionate radio, shares how he integrates our jingle packages (and power intros) in their Hit Music Only playlist.

Sublime / Soul & Jazz

Station manager Rick Waltmann and morning host Jaap Brienen talk about their branding needs and how they use our package on air to make it enhance their music flow.

Ketnet / Youth TV

Collaborating with visual designers, we have created a lively soundtrack to Ketnet's new ID package, adding the music to the message. Playful sounds evoke curiosity and stimulate creativity.

How it works

We listen to you (and to your station) and together define your individual sound. From composing & recording to mixing & mastering, you'll be highly involved every step of the way.

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Same fee, double pack?

JingleBox is a customized resing. It gives you twice as many jingles!

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Select from our box all jingles you love, and get them finetuned to the heartbeat of your station.
Benefits Individual Jinglebox
Unlimited time license, no renewal fee
Larger broadcast license
Custom sonic logo
Custom station name
Custom station slogan
Custom vocal sound
Custom jingle selection
Custom jingle composition