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custom feel, resing fee

Select jingles you love, no matter which sonic logo they include, and get a customised resing package that feels like brand new! Starting from 5 jingles per project.

Adapted with a custom sonic logo melody, custom vocal sound and custom vocal lyrics.

How it works

Explained in 1 minute

BEFORE & after

A re-sing jingle for Mia 94.3! Originally created for BlackBox (Classic HipHop).

How it works

Select your favorites from thousands of jingles (and dozens of beds) that match your format. We adapt your selection in creative ways, and the result feels like a brand new package, but costs only a fraction of it!

To order: make a selection, and fill in the form. Got a question?


Want 100% new jingles?

Go beyond anything existing and think completely outside the box?

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Inspire our team to (re)invent your sound with an exclusive production and surprising innovation.
Benefits Jinglebox Individual
Unlimited time license, no renewal fee
Larger broadcast license
Custom sonic logo
Custom station name
Custom station slogan
Custom jingle selection
Custom vocal sound
Custom jingle composition