PURE Jingles - Starter


bang for your buck

Each format package covers your essential needs: a solid sound for a friendly fee where a modest investment becomes a massive return.

For your local station, online platform or a jingle package for your company, PURE Starter is very effective. It's modular and can be easily extended. Available from € 2.500.

How it works

Explained in 15 seconds

What's in each main package?

5 Ramp IDs
5 Basic IDs
5 Shot IDs
5 Rapid IDs
5 Hyper IDs
+ Acapellas
+ News bed
+ Traffic bed
+ Weather bed
+ Logo sounder

Customized with your station name on your sonic logo (replacing "PURE Starter"). Everything else remains as it is, but you can add your slogan with a voiceover yourself (for which we can deliver no-ad-lib versions).

Available from € 2.500 with an option to expand your package with cool add-ons for € 500 each. Vocals are recorded with the singers you're hearing. For specific vocals & languages, additional fees may apply.

How it works

Starter covers all basics, and offers compatible add ons, like Beds & Drones and (for AC, Hot AC, CHR) also Lite, Summer & Xmas versions. You choose your package, we customize it, and you’ll have it soon!

To order: pick a package, and fill in the form. Got a question?


Want even more choice?

Greater selection, sung slogan, specific vocals and larger license?

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Benefits Starter Jinglebox
Unlimited time license, no renewal fee
Local broadcast license
Custom sonic logo
Custom station name
Larger broadcast license
Custom station slogan
Custom vocal sound
Custom jingle selection