PURE Jingles - Sunlite

Dutch broadcaster RadioCorp has launched its third nationwide station! We've supplied the jingle package based on their selection from the PURE JingleBox. The original jingles of Chérie FM were branded with new vocals, and in addition we've composed a completely bespoke package for news, weather & traffic.

“Sunlite offers listeners an escape from their busy lives. There's a great demand for this, especially during these times," said RadioCorp director Herbert Visser. "As we play non-stop music without presenters, our station's tone of voice is largely determined by the on-air design in between the songs."

"PURE Jingles has perfectly fulfilled our desire for a light sound with warm vocals through this jingle package with a very positive feeling. Thanks to these jingles, the sun always shines on the radio! And sunlight is more than welcome during this wintertime; an excellent moment to launch our new channel."

AC / Netherlands

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