RTL 2 unveils the Pop-Rock AC sound of 2022

I Love Rock ’n’ Roll! One of the songs expressing exactly what RTL 2 stands for: the best Pop-Rock of yesterday & today. They just received another batch of jingles to fit the core of the format while reinforcing a modern image.

PURE’s client relation manager Thomas Giger explains: “Playing the greatest hits of all time means that the overall music composition on the station is largely constant. Our goal is to surround these timeless classics with a sound that naturally fits the music played, but which at the same time keeps the radio station in the present. A contemporary sound creates a timeless brand - just like the music it features.”


The general rules of radio programming apply to any radio format, so also to Pop- Rock AC: “Flow remains to be a key element to achieve long Time Spent Listening, which helps maintain a strong market share. Transitioning from song to song, every segue needs to be flawless. That’s why also this update covers several transitions in tempo and/or intensity. It gives the presenters more tools to work with.”


RTL 2’s production director and assistant program director, Christian Reynaud, adds: “We work since almost 10 years now with the dedicated team of PURE Jingles. Since we began, it’s been a constant evolution of the RTL 2 colour and spirit. A wonderful co-creation. Every year, a new adventure. Always exciting, always inspiring. This new package is once again an evolution; a rebirth of our radio. It’s a Kind of Magic.”

12 Custom-made jingles

Available in JingleBox as a customized re-sing

Select from our catalogue all jingles you love, and have them adjusted to the pulse of your station. Giving you freedom to design your sound, for a very affordable production fee, JingleBox is a customized resing. Branded with any sonic logo, even your current heritage logo!
Blowing Butter
Originally created for RTL2
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Frightening Lightning
Originally created for RTL2
IPA Palace
Originally created for RTL2
Melody Mood
Originally created for RTL2
Mud Flood
Originally created for RTL2
Operation Flirtation
Originally created for RTL2
Portion Distortion
Originally created for RTL2
Renegade Cascade
Originally created for RTL2
Reputed Muted
Originally created for RTL2
Seizure Pleasure
Originally created for RTL2
Spiteful Shape
Originally created for RTL2
Youth Booth
Originally created for RTL2

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