PURE Jingles - NRJ Fall 2023
NRJ Fall 2023

NRJ opens the new radio season with another batch of custom-made jingles, up to date with the current music cycle.

With a promise of Hit Music Only and the renowned NRJ Music Awards, the worldwide heard NRJ/ENERGY brand is a force for Top 40 radio. Contributing to their success is a distinctive brand sound that gets updated constantly.

Imagine 10 fresh playlist-inspired jingles, twice a year, allowing the station to incorporate the newest music trends in its branding. NRJ are also sprinkling their brand into popular hit songs through custom-made Power Intros.

10 Custom-made jingles

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Nostalgie II

One of France's top music stations embarks on a second musical journey with PURE Jingles for its brand sound. It celebrates their timeless playlist with a contemporary twist, infusing the Classic Hits format with musical surprise and renewed excitement.