PURE Jingles - Nostalgie adds novelty
Nostalgie adds novelty

One of the top music stations in France, Nostalgie, has commissioned PURE Jingles to create a new, custom-made sound. It celebrates the Classic Hits playlist, while adding a sense of freshness to the music and the brand.

“A generic challenge of the Classic Hits format is to keep it sounding interesting music-wise”, says Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles. “Playlists tends to be consistent, with not many titles being added or removed, apart from 'platooning' the library - taking an active segment of certain music categories out of rotation, and temporarily replacing it by another batch of similar songs. The right jingles are contributing to this desired feeling of musical surprise.”

Brand perception

“We also expect a positive perceptual effect for the brand as a whole. A brand name like Nostalgie could be associated with the meaning of the word nostalgia, which may be connected to feelings of melancholy. In reality, it’s a modern and feel-good radio station. Therefore we aimed to create a contemporary and positive sound, while staying true to the station’s brand values and music promise.”


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Studio Brussel

This new package flawlessly accompanies the station's dynamic music universe, with a focus on alternative new songs and indie pop classics. Check out the trendsetting sound for the Alternative radio format: