PURE Jingles - Custom Audio Branding for Portugal's Mega Hits
Custom Audio Branding for Portugal's Mega Hits

Mega Hits in Portugal has received its first custom package from the audio marketeers at PURE Jingles. As a major player within Grupo Renascença Multimédia, Mega Hits holds widespread popularity nationwide, captivating young audiences with its lively programming.

Matthieu Schotvanger, branding consultant for PURE Jingles, emphasized the importance of aligning CHR imaging with the latest chart hits, stating, "Top 40 branding needs to keep up with the newest music trends to maintain a fresh image. Our goal was not only to add excitement to the music format but also to improve the on-air flow to keep things moving forward."

Following a couple of re-sing projects, the station is now unveiling its first brand new jingles, tailor-made for them. Nelson Cunha, program director of Mega Hits, expressed his excitement: "This partnership is amazing. The PURE Jingles team truly understands our brand, infusing each jingle with energy and fun."

"The consistency with which they design each beat, effect, and the notion of timings that we need to have on the radio is developed as if we were recording an album to be awarded at the Grammys. It's really a mega sound!"

5 Custom-made jingles and 5 re-sing jingles

Available in JingleBox as a customized re-sing

Select from our catalogue all jingles you love, and have them adjusted to the pulse of your station. Giving you freedom to design your sound, for a very affordable production fee, JingleBox is a customized resing. Branded with any sonic logo, even your current heritage logo!

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