PURE Jingles - Chérie FM
Chérie FM returns to PURE Jingles

True love doesn’t fade away. After a short term affair, one of France’s most sexy radio brands is back.. 😉

Chérie FM is a family station, centered around a target demo of women 25-49. In recent years, it has evolved from a Soft AC oriented format to something close to Hot AC. To update & upgrade their sound, directeur d’antenne Yoann Boulanger-Coureau came to PURE with a focused mission: smooth, but quick transition jingles.

“Segues between titles from various decades must be fluid, and create a fast return to the music. All while adding a breath of fresh air and dynamics to the program. The touch of modernity brought by PURE Jingles allows transitions between the classic titles of 80s, 90s, 00s and today without a feeling of rupture. Quite the contrary!”

The radio director sees Chérie FM as a unique station. “It therefore must have a unique sound based on authenticity. Like telling a musical story with real instruments in the composition. But also keeping this tale compact with just a few seconds of music. To maintain momentum and flow of the playlist.”

“Right away, the PURE team understood our creative brief. We moved very quickly in the right direction with timely delivery of all elements. This jingle package is exactly what we need. Me and my team at Chérie FM are already looking forward to future productions with the radio production experts of PURE Jingles.”

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