PURE Jingles - Surprising variety on Radio Vorarlberg
AC jingles with surprising variety

Are you a Modern AC station, or leaning towards Classic Hits? Perhaps even Oldies-based AC? This variety package has jingles for every AC station out there! Choose the themes that fit your format, and get your customised re-sing of those. Hear the newest update on this page, or find them all in the JingleBox.

Originally created for an Austrian client, ORF Radio Vorarlberg. They’re aiming for 35+ listeners with an AC format around Classic Hits, mainly 80s & 90s favourites. Heard not only in its Austrian region, but also in Southern Germany. Plus Eastern Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Being a public radio station, local news & culture matter. "ORF Radio Vorarlberg would like to depict all facets of the lifestyle in the urban German-speaking four-country region”, their broadcast director Markus Klement explains. “We want to be very close to people, their stories that move them, and the issues of the time. The cooperation with PURE Jingles allows our on-air talents to package and present our content better; more dynamically and pointedly."

Production manager Michael Gailberger adds what the station expects from its jingle provider. “We were asking PURE for a modern, creative and unique implementation of jingles and beds. For an even fresher-sounding station on the pulse of the times and relevant for this region."

"The audio branding developed with PURE Jingles is intended to strategically position our station in this competitive market with a higher profile. All sound elements are specially composed and produced for a good on-air flow. They harmoniously fit into the overall structure of music and content on Radio Vorarlberg.”

20 custom-made jingles / custom-made power intros

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