The TIPIK of the Christmas tree

The youth channel of RTBF, Walloon’s public broadcaster, is ready for the holidays with a new PURE update.

To complete a seasonal ID package, we’ve created a batch of Christmas jingles in the style of their upbeat Top 40 format. The result are Xmas jingle IDs that do not sound traditional, but do fit the holiday spirit.

TIPIK and PURE Jingles are working together since the very first package in 2016 (when the station was still known under its former brand name; Pure). That feels like a match made in heaven!

Looking to give your Christmas programming a contemporary feel that fits today’s hits? Select TIPIK’s Xmas jingles below, now available as a JingleBox re-sing and ready before Xmas!


Доступно в JingleBox в виде индивидуальной настройки

Выберите из нашего каталога все джинглы, которые вам нравятся, и настройте их в соответствии с ритмом вашей станции. JingleBox – это индивидуально настроенный пакет, предоставляющий вам свободу в создании своего звучания за очень доступную плату. Бренд с любым звуковым логотипом, даже с вашим текущим традиционным логотипом!
Carol's Xmas
Originally created for TIPIK
Add to Jinglebox
Crazy Grandma
Originally created for TIPIK
Frozen Flame - Xmas
Originally created for TIPIK
Funkily Time
Originally created for TIPIK
Hark Haven
Originally created for TIPIK
Smash Board
Originally created for TIPIK

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