Many different jingles - very coherent sound

Even a broad variety of jingles can lead to a strong identity in branding. Mix Megapol’s recent station imaging update is living proof of it.

This year, the team of Sweden’s nationwide AC station tried something new. They went for maximum diversity when choosing their themes from the PURE JingleBox. Jingles originally produced for more than 5 different stations, covering a diversity of radio formats. Even including one CHR cut to throw some spice into the mix!

The creative challenge for the production team was obviously to blend it all together. First of all, they adapted all jingles with a custom logo melody (the station’s heritage identity). Then a custom vocal sound with Swedish sung lyrics was added. Finally, certain techniques in merging, mixing & mastering created coherence.

Secret sauce

“It’s the secret sauce of the JingleBox”, branding consultant Thomas Giger says on behalf of PURE Jingles. “Resulting in a package that sounds like new, only costing a fraction of full-custom production. With energy bills going through the roof, we hope this solution helps many stations get a near-custom sound for a budget-friendly fee.”

Mix Megapol and PURE Jingles are working together since 2017, and have mutually evolved the sound of this station on an ongoing, annual basis. In many cases through JingleBox productions. The heritage brand is one of Sweden’s most successful music stations, consistently ranking in the Top 5 and currently in the Top 3 nationwide.


Beschikbaar in JingleBox als een re-sing op maat

Kies jouw favoriete jingles uit onze catalogus, en laat ze aanpassen naar het imago van jouw zender. De vrijheid om jouw geluid te ontwerpen voor een betaalbare productieprijs. JingleBox is een re-sing op maat met een audiologo naar keuze.
Bamboo Groove
Originally created for Radio Vorarlberg
Add to Jinglebox
Birth Day
Originally created for Slam!
Clear Crystals
Originally created for Ö3
Hear Candy
Originally created for Mix Megapol
King Kosher
Originally created for TIPIK
Loop Rewind
Originally created for Kiss FM
Positive Powers
Originally created for Mix Megapol
Radio Glow
Originally created for TIPIK
Tiger Tracing
Originally created for Mix Megapol
Twisted Giggle
Originally created for Kiss FM

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