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Mix Megapol

Sweden’s AC radio powerhouse Mix Megapol, positioned as Den Perfekta Mixen (The Perfect Mix), upgraded its package with custom jingles, including a festive Christmas jingle!. Here you can listen to the package, and also get introduced to the station. What are the foundations of their success?

Bauer Media is Europe’s biggest privately-owned broadcaster and Bauer Media Audio in Sweden owns over 60% of the commercial market. Their biggest national station is Mix Megapol, offering a variety format with music from the 80’s up to today. And the station has not just one, but two big morning shows!

Next to one broadcasting from the capital city Stockholm, there’s one airing from the second-biggest city; Gothenburg. The first one is hosted by Gry Forssell, well established as one of the most popular television presenters in the country, but now primarily a radio star after 17 years at Mix Megapol.

She teams up with three co-hosts and a number of friends appearing on the show regularly. All are well-known and appreciated celebrities, ranging from comedians to artists and even politicians. The regional Gothenburg show has been on the air for 26 years, and is immensely popular on Sweden’s west coast.

“For Mix Megapol, it’s important that our imaging fits all the various music styles, and also that it enhances the mainstream sound. That’s a positive, warm & modern vibe, yet not too edgy. We’ve wanted the positive sound from a jingle choir”, says Thomas Hansen, Bauer Media Audio Sweden’s production manager.

“PURE Jingles managed to get that for us. Our jingles sound warm and natural, and match the rest of our imaging perfectly. This latest package of custom jingles sounds wonderful. We’ve had quite specific ideas regarding how to refresh & incorporate our audio logo, which is one of the longest ever!"

"The producers at PURE really came through.”

AC / Sweden

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