PURE Jingles - A classy sound for Clásico
A classy sound for Clásico

Norway has a new radio brand: the classical music station Clásico, broadcasting in Oslo and Stavanger.

Clásico offers the best classical music and the best traditional music from all over the world. It’s one of only two classical radio stations in Norway, the other being from the public broadcaster. “Among other things, we differ from them by playing music from other parts of the world, outside the concept of the ‘western’ classical music”, station manager Herman Skretting explains.

Created from scratch

“We are fortunate now to have a brand new set of station jingles from PURE Jingles. They created these jingles from scratch, and invited us to participate in the process early on. This was also a great help for us to more clearly define which sound image we envisioned for Clásico.”

Skretting continues: “The result is far beyond what we hoped for. We were amazed by the creativity and competence of the people of PURE Jingles at all levels. We are proud of the overall sound of the station. The jingles match the music and create an overall harmony between the music, the jingles and the station statements.”

Creative stretch

“This was a lot of fun for us to do”, Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles adds. “In between productions for CHR and AC, this was a wonderful creative stretch. We have imaged classical music stations before, including Klara of Belgian public broadcaster VRT, but it’s not something we do every day. So we truly enjoyed this process as well.”

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