PURE Jingles - RTBF TIPIK 2022 II
A different kind of Rhythmic CHR radio imaging

Walloon public broadcaster RTBF commissioned another PURE update of seasonal idents for their youth channel, TIPIK. Playing today's best music with a Rhythmic Pop accent, they wanted to match the current chart hits while reflecting the vibe of the summer.

The 10-cut strong custom package also includes show openers and thematic jingles for specific purposes. From the drive-time show to live events. We therefore aimed to let every jingle within the package be unique. But always with the 'TIPIK mark', including their recognisable logo & vocal sound.

One of the aspects that makes this package stand out is the vocal treatment of both the voiceovers and the sung parts. When you are looking to set your CHR station apart from others in the market, consider this package (or a similar style) as a re-sing/re-voiceover production for your brand.

RTBF TIPIK and PURE Jingles are working together since 2016. Fun fact: the station was then still known under its former brand name, Pure. In 2021, they also became a subscriber to the monthly-updated PURE Intros (branded song intro) service.

10 custom jingles

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