PURE Jingles - Chérie Belgique
A jingle package to cherish

When you’re programming a Soft AC format and looking for inspiration for its sound, take a listen to Chérie Belgium! They’ve now put the cherry on the cake with custom imaging from PURE Jingles.

Part of the Belgian NGroup (Nostalgie, Nostalgie+ and NRJ), Chérie is a digital radio station launched online in 2015 and on DAB+ in 2019. It’s the cousin of Chérie FM in France with a specific strategy and positioning for the Belgian radio market.

Chill, smooth and easy-listening, Cherie’s musical programming is tailor-made for young adults between 25 and 45 who want to slow down the rushy rhythm of their lives. Reflected in their slogan Chérir la vie en Musique (Cherishing Life in Music).

Brand & format promise

“As a pop-soft format, we aim to conciliate this relaxing feeling to new music trends, which PURE Jingles has perfectly understood”, brand manager Lydwine Derny says. “It’s also very important to us that our brand & format promise is being translated through our imaging. PURE’s sound design is a huge part of our station’s identity.”

“They have worked on the basis of inspirational tracks and made very good creative propositions. The team knows very well what it’s doing, is always looking forward to feedback and deals with it fast and easily. We were also invited to attend the vocal session, which has been a great pleasure. Efficient in a relaxed atmosphere.”


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