A+ sound for Radio ZET

One of Poland’s most-established radio stations has commissioned PURE Jingles to shape their new audio branding. A modern AC jingle package with the slogan embedded in the logo melody.

Reaching close to 5 million listeners, Radio ZET is currently the #2 rated station. A source of both entertainment and inspiration for an adult audience, it offers a variety of music with news reports as a benchmark. Their website is among the country's 25 most-visited ones with close to 10 million users generating 50 million visits.

“Radio ZET was looking to create a better program flow, and a more contemporary image. We were also aiming to easily match the jingles to the songs we play”, says production director Maciej Wrzesiński. Instead of ordering a custom package, the station opted for a highly-customised re-sing package from the PURE JingleBox.

“From the very beginning, we knew that the cooperation would be great. From jingle selection to final mastering, it went professionally from A to Z. We could really sense that PURE Jingles is in touch with radio and has in-depth knowledge of formats, also of our specific approach. They’re hyper focused on customer needs.”

Wrzesiński states that the result exceeds their expectations. “The whole package includes attention to every proportion of the production. It sounds fantastic and it gives us many tools to create our music flow. Quality, flexibility, and modernity - we got it all from PURE Jingles. Radio ZET now has achieved a truly A+ sound.”

17 Jinglebox jingles

可在 JingleBox 中作為定制的重唱使用

從我們的目錄中選擇您喜歡的所有歌曲,並根據您電台的脈搏進行調整。 以非常實惠的製作費用,讓您可以自由地設計您的聲音,JingleBox 是一款定制的 resing。 帶有任何聲波標誌,甚至是您當前的傳統標誌!
Acoustic Clouds
Originally created for RTL 2
Add to Jinglebox
Apple of Eden
Originally created for RTL 2
Excuse Masseuse
Originally created for Oxygène
Hand Shake
Originally created for Slam!
Rhyme Crime
Originally created for Oxygène
Second Day
Originally created for TIPIK
Smashing Ice
Originally created for RTL 2
Summer Beat
Originally created for TIPIK
Thin Line
Originally created for Chérie FM
Tiptoe Tiger
Originally created for RTL 2
Trip Impostor
Originally created for RTL 2

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