PURE Jingles - Rire & Chansons elevates branding
Rire & Chansons elevates branding

Rire & Chansons now boasts a fresh brand sound! As part of the esteemed NRJ Group, this French station has been entertaining audiences since 1990.

"The combination of sketch comedy and a diverse music mix makes them a unique station, not only in France but worldwide," remarked Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles. "We thoroughly enjoyed the creative challenge of defining a unified sound identity."

Rire & Chansons joins the ranks of NRJ, Chérie FM, and Nostalgie, the other stations within the NRJ Group that have already had their on-air sound crafted by PURE Jingles.

Delphine Hellec, Program Director for Rire & Chansons, expressed, "PURE Jingles has captured the spirit of our station. The jingle package encapsulates the essence of our brand, seamlessly blending lightheartedness and musicality. Besides being a strong branding tool, it enhances the overall listening experience."


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