Freshness on the air in France

A new generation of imaging for mainstream Adult Contemporary - it’s the recent update for Oxygène, one of France’s most successful independent radio stations. They recently commissioned PURE Jingles again to create custom audio branding.

Oxygène, ‘Radio de la Seine et Marne’, is listened to by more than 300,000 people in Ile de France. It’s a family brand, focused on a core audience of young adults, mainly 25-49 year-olds. Following their massive custom package from 2021, they’ve called on PURE to create a new batch of AC jingles.

Programming strategy

Assistant program director Aurélien Descamps: “This collaboration was born from a strategic desire to have a real sound identity that can be recognised throughout the production. The proposals and advice from the PURE Jingles team helped us getting a strong sonic logo. A brand design living up to our expectations.”

“We like the exchange with the Dutch production team”, Descamps continues. “PURE Jingles is attentive to every detail. Agreeing to rework each production until the last note, so that we are fully satisfied with the result once it’s on air.” Merci, Aurélien! Nous sommes impatients de continuer à cocréer la magie de la radio!

AC / France

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