Unveiled: the new sound of Top 40 radio. NRJ France & International haven taken delivery of a new batch of station imaging made in Holland. A hit package with positive energy! Designed to match the hit music of today.

“When you are a radio passionate, you cannot say ‘no’ to NRJ”, brand manager Gaël Sanquer says in a showcase video. “You have to taste it.” Sound design is a key part of his marketing & branding strategy. Which could be one of the main factors of NRJ’s worldwide franchise success in Europe & beyond.

Meticulous perfection

Sanquer wants his NRJ jingles to have the same vibe as today’s hits. “There is not much difference between the sound of our jingles and the sound of the music that we play.” To keep the station in pace with trends in the current hit music universe, monthly power intros are created in addition to new jingles twice a year.

As a programmer, Sanquer meticulously works on creating perfect imaging flow in his music logs. “Every day, I check the schedule by myself, song by song. I manually put in power intros, music demos and jingles, one by one. To have something relevant, creative and unique”, he explains.

Custom jingles

The most recent imaging update for the world’s Hit Music Only station is consisting of 10 more custom-composed themes. On air in France and two dozen more markets. #HitJinglesOnly!

CHR / France

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