The PURE JingleMix 2001-2021

It’s really already 2 decades back that our founder, Diederick, started PURE Jingles! Since April 2001, we have the pleasure of producing imaging for brands worldwide. Thousands of jingles for hundreds of stations. A couple of highlights can be heard in a jingle mix we've created for you. Here's 20 years in 2 minutes!

Lovingly dedicated to:

  • 100%NL, Netherlands
  • Chérie FM, France
  • RTL 2, France
  • Virgin Radio, France
  • P3 Star, Sweden
  • Radio Globo, Italy
  • Radio Scoop, France
  • RMF MAXXX, Poland
  • iRadio, Ireland
  • NPO 3FM, Netherlands
  • BBC Radio 1, UK
  • Europa Plus, Russia
  • 2DayFM, Australia
  • bigFM, Germany
  • Radio Decibel, Netherlands
  • NRJ, France & International
  • Hot Radio, Netherlands
  • Panorama FM, Saudi Arabia
  • NPO FunX, Netherlands
  • BRUZZ, Belgium
  • RPR1., Germany
  • 93.5 The Move, Canada
  • P3, Denmark
  • Life Radio, Austria
  • 88.6, Austria
  • The Voice, Finland
  • StuBru, Belgium
  • P6 Rock, Norway
  • P3, Sweden
  • YOU FM, Germany
  • SRF Virus, Switzerland
  • 1LIVE DIGGI, Germany
  • Klara, Belgium
  • Radio Regenbogen, Germany
  • Smooth Radio, UK
  • Sublime, Netherlands
  • Oxygène, France
  • M Radio, France
  • NPO Radio 1, Netherlands
  • Star 94, United States
  • LFM, Switzerland
  • BB RADIO, Germany
  • Avtoradio, Russia
  • KRONEHIT, Austria
  • Mix Megapol, Sweden
  • Hitradio Ö3, Austria
  • Radio Contact, Belgium
  • NPO Radio 2, Netherlands
  • TÚ 94.9, United States
  • One FM, Switzerland
  • P3 Din Gata, Sweden
  • Swigg, France
  • TIPIK, Belgium
  • FM1, Switzerland
  • SRF 3, Switzerland
  • NPO 3FM, Netherlands
  • Radio Vorarlberg, Austria
  • YLE X3M, Finland
  • Radio 1, Belgium
  • Rumba 100.3, United States
  • NRJ, France & International
  • 103.5 KTU, United States
  • The New Hot 89.9, Canada
  • U Radio, Hong Kong
  • NOVA, Australia
  • Channel 4, United Arab Emirates
  • NRK mP3, Norway
  • Radio m2o, Italy
  • Capital, UK

... and all of the many others!

You make us PURE

Onze oprichter Diederick

Beleeft zijn droom: het uitoefenen van zijn passie in de monumentale studiovilla (gebouwd in 1848)

De PURE JingleMixer

Je kon zelf vormgeving en hooks uit liedjes achter elkaar slepen en zo je eigen doorstartjes maken!

Radiodays Europe Aftermovie

Highlights van de Radiodays Europe Amsterdam afterparty, die werd georganiseerd door ons en onze partners.

De PURE JingleSong

Station calls van o.a. 103.5 KTU, BBC Radio 1, Capital, KIIS FM, NRJ en Z100 in een liefdesliedje van de radio!

De PURE JingleMix

Een stroom aan station ID’s, gemaakt door liefhebbers van radio, vormgeving en... radiovormgeving!

Radiodays Europe

Radiodays Europe

For every jingle, we’re giving back!

Instead of a usual christmas gift, we thought of a different one this year.
For every jingle we've produced, we planted one tree as a gift to nature.

Jock sings for charity


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103.5 KTU