Sublime plays the best Funk, Soul & Jazz, and makes a difference for a better world by offering positive and encouraging headlines, positioned as The News of Progress. The Rhythmic AC format already attracts over 400,000 different listeners a week; a demo which is active, well educated, and culture & lifestyle oriented.

Station manager Rick Waltmann came to us for an authentic sound. Played by great session musicians and complemented by very soulful vocals (from Dutch soul diva, Berget Lewis). The package will match timeless music by Marvin Gaye and Earth Wind & Fire, as well as current core artists Anderson Paak and Alicia Keys.

To emphasize the message of Sublime, these 10 bespoke jingle IDs are not ending with the brand name, but with a catchy tagline instead; the new slogan Let’s Get It On. A sublime & sexy on air sound for the station that radiates positive energy, this is Sublime 2021!

Funk, Soul & Jazz AC / Netherlands

Let's get it on Sublime


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Ample Rythm
Originally created for Sublime
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Classic Candy
Originally created for Sublime
Cozy Club
Originally created for Sublime
Fab Filters
Originally created for Sublime
Florida Keys
Originally created for Sublime
Heart Groove
Originally created for Sublime
Lemon Jelly
Originally created for Sublime
Move Machine
Originally created for Sublime
Smoke Chamber
Originally created for Sublime
Warm Whiskey
Originally created for Sublime

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A fresh breeze of Adult Contemporary. "Modern, airy & spacious" in the words of APD Aurélien Descamps. He recalls "a warm collaboration" and experienced his attendance of the vocal session as "an immersion in the universe of PURE Jingles; an incredible experience of professionalism and efficiency". Merci, Aurélien!