PURE Jingles - Electrifying jingles for Rhythmic CHR: the new sound of TIPIK
Electrifying jingles for Rhythmic CHR: the new sound of TIPIK

RTBF's esteemed youth channel is gearing up for an exciting season! Tailored to the channel's Rhythmic Top 40 format, this recent update features 7 custom-made tracks that fit the earlier productions for the station while fitting the most recent music trends.

"We're thrilled to be part of RTBF's journey to enhance their youth channel's presence," shared Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles. "Our team poured their passion into creating a jingle package that resonates with the audience, adding an extra layer of excitement to their listening experience. Every jingle boasts the iconic TIPIK sonic logo sounder, ensuring seamless brand recognition."

7 custom-made jingles

Disponible en JingleBox como una repetición personalizada

Selecciona de nuestro catálogo todos los jingles que te encantan y haz que se adapte a la muñeca de tu estación. Dándole la libertad de diseñar su propio sonido, a un costo de fabricación muy asequible, JingleBox es una resina personalizada. Con cualquier logotipo de sonido, ¡incluso su logotipo histórico actual!
Ankle Scar
Originally created for TIPIK
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Atacama Coast
Originally created for Radio Bahrain
Biggest Bride
Originally created for TIPIK
Fuse Factory
Originally created for TIPIK
Need for Neon
Originally created for TIPIK
Sunshine Serenade
Originally created for TIPIK
Vivid Whispers
Originally created for TIPIK

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