vrt ketnet

The children's and youth channel of VRT television (Flemish public broadcaster) has renewed its entire channel branding. The audio portion of the new Ketnet design was created by PURE Jingles.

VRT Ketnet gets sonic branding

The production company won the pitch for the assignment of the public broadcaster that involves all leader music, tailor-made for the visuals. In addition to a fresh, new color palette, these also contain a new logo. Evolving around the letter ‘K’ for ‘ket’ - meaning ‘youngster’ in the local dialect of Brussels. The audio branding had to match those aspects.

Cheerful and playful

“In line with the creative visual design, we aimed for a creative sound design that feels cheerful and playful,” says Thomas Giger of PURE Jingles. “A sound that would appeal to the youthful target group. A sound that surprises and holds the attention. And that fits with the Ketnet brand values: positivity, relaxation and fascination, as well as engagement and connection.”

Creative and imaginative

The visual style was completely developed within the VRT’s team. Ketnet called on Flemish animation agencies, visual illustrators and graphic designers. PURE's sonic branding expertise was then brought in for the music part. “This collaboration will undoubtedly stimulate the creativity and imagination of the children”, says Ketnet network manager Annemie Gulickx about this co-creation.


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