Jingles with good vibes

Dutch AC station 100% NL has completely renewed its audio branding. Positive sounding AC jingles, matching ‘the best music of the Netherlands’ as their positioning says.

“In order to keep up with new music trends, we want to regularly update the jingles,” says Herbert Visser. Together with Carlo de Boer, he’s managing Dutch commercial radio operator RadioCorp. “PURE Jingles also contributed to the launch of our soft-pop station Sunlite. The result of that good collaboration made them the logical choice for us to also restyle our flagship.” Over 1 million listeners tune in to 100% NL every week.

“One of the most important things you will hear on a station is the jingle package,” radio director Martijn Zuurveen explains. “Sound design creates the recognisability and a nice feeling that you want to listen to. Completely matching with the target group of young families that we reach. Our sonic branding supports the program & music strategy. Especially in his time, where 'Nederpop' (Dutch Pop) is popular.”

“It is always a great and beautiful moment to renew our jingles”, radio coordinator Raoul Schram adds. He supervised the project on behalf of 100% NL. “After the initial briefing, we were able to provide suggestions for perfections. PURE Jingles handles feedback very well and has 20 years of experience. They do know what they are talking about and that is a great way of working. And they always deliver quality. We now also have the best jingles in the Netherlands.”

10 custom-made jingles / custom-made news imaging package

可在 JingleBox 中作為定制的重唱使用

從我們的目錄中選擇您喜歡的所有歌曲,並根據您電台的脈搏進行調整。 以非常實惠的製作費用,讓您可以自由地設計您的聲音,JingleBox 是一款定制的 resing。 帶有任何聲波標誌,甚至是您當前的傳統標誌!
Amazing Maze
Originally created for 100%NL
Add to Jinglebox
Downtown Road
Originally created for 100%NL
Freak Out
Originally created for 100%NL
Hispaniola Beach
Originally created for 100%NL
Last leaves
Originally created for 100%NL
Moonlight Shadows
Originally created for 100%NL
Neil Rush
Originally created for 100%NL
Seagull Bridge
Originally created for 100%NL
Wonder Why
Originally created for 100%NL
Red Roses
Originally created for 100%NL
Planet Paradise
Originally created for 100%NL

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