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What is Sounds?

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3,500 Beds、工作部件和 FX,为您的训练提供额外能量。 涵盖从大乐队到嘻哈的一切! 每月 25 欧元 / 50 欧元起。

No strings attached

创建您的账户,选择计划,下载选择并提高产量。 哦,您可以永久使用您的下载内容。


Terms for PURE Sounds

Credits & accounts

Credits remain valid as long as you have an active account, except when you switch from Personal to Professional or Corporate, or from Professional to Corporate. You can upgrade or downgrade your number of credits, and also pause or resume your plan. Accounts upgrades are effective immediately; account downgrades will be effective at the start of your next subscription period.

License & reporting

You can keep using all downloaded material within your license for unlimited time. So even after your subscription is complete, you don't have to take anything off air. Joyfully use your downloads as long as you like! Your most recent account status (Personal, Professional or Corporate) determines under which license you can use the material until you (reactivate your account and) change your status.

All materials are licensed non-exclusive. Adding your own sound vision to the source material we provide, allows you to create something outstanding! As there’s so much choice in audio available that there’s only a very small chance that other producers in your market will use the same content (in the same way). Just as in your life, the difference is made by you!

PURE Sounds audio material broadcast through cable, terrestrial & satellite in larger or medium media markets has to be reported to your performing rights society (such as PRS for Music in the UK, or ASCAP in the United States) by an estimation of broadcast minutes per day, except when you have a Personal account and respect the license attached to it.

Our general Terms and Conditions apply as well.